Fresh rolls, order of foodstuffs, by direct booking free transport!

Transport of your ordered groceries for free if you book directly on this website!
(your advantage CHF 30,–)

Fresh bread rolls
On pre-order and with collection it is possible to get fresh bread and rolls in the Rest. Furri on Furi every morning from 8.30am, or you take them with you for the next morning after you finished skiing.
Coffee capsules
In addition to a filter coffee maker you find a coffee capsules machine Delizio Una Automatic in the Chalet Z’Flesche. The corresponding capsules can be find out here ⇒ Delizio. Please let us know the desired variety and quantiy (12/48) in good time – you will receive these from us one-to-one.
In the Chalet Hinter dem Rot Stei is a Nespresso machine, bring your capsules with you or order them from coopathome.
Regional products –
Valais alpine cheese (200-500g) with the unique spicy taste coming from the fresh alpine herbs
Semi-hard, fresh alp cheese per kilo CHF 24,–
more than one year old cheese (Hobelkäse) per kilogram CHF 29,-
vacuum-packed as one piece
Zermatter home made sausages air dried, from our cow Nanouk
5 pieces vacuum-packed CHF 11,–
Wine from Valais – Cave Ardévaz, Chamoson
White wine: “Fendant” CHF 18,- “Johannisberg” CHF 22,- “Petit Arvine” CHF 24,50  7dl each
Red wine: “Syrah” CHF 24,- “Merlot” CHF 25,- “Pinot Noir” CHF 20,- “Humagne Rouge” 24,- 7dl each
Jam homemade (250g) available in the sorts cherries, blueberries
and apricots CHF 5,90 -also a nice present!
Order of groceries
If desired you can order your groceries and drinks online at ⇒ coopathome
Register now & safe your shopping list
You can order 10 days earliest and no later than 3 days before the delivery date.
Delivery date: the day before your arrival
Delivery address:
Your name  c/o S. Biner
Talstation Matterhornexpress
3920 Zermatt
We will pick up your order at the valley station of the Matterhornexpress, bring it high up to the mountain station,  store it correct and on your arrival day the whole purchase you will find in the Chalet.
Please let mw know when you use this service.
The transport of your order from the bottom of the Matterhornexpress into the Chalet is for free only if you book directly!

Watch the following video to see how your order of food gets to the chalet.

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